Disregard what I said before this

;-; Ilris and Katt

B| they cheered me up amazingly

and I need to get cracking on my vocaloid ;-; I need a name

i'm liking Kaze >>; opinions plz

If anyone actually reads this i'll love them forever <3

/lots of detail cuz i'm so fucking enthusiastic i'll explode

-edit 10/11th idk of december...i'm not going to make Japan. whoops.
Sorry 15year old Emma your aspirations will not come true

I'm finally getting around to planning the Japanese holiday i've wanted since I was 15, its been 6 years in the planning, and I was going to wait for February 2012 for it, but i'm sick of waiting so i'm going in November 2011 and if I like it i'll be going again every while.

Looking through a tonne of sites, its pretty affordable for me, flights seem to average €700 return, which is amazing, with only one stop over in Heathrow, which is where i'll fail XD; I mean, I'm terrible at navigating airports. Tho i'm not sure how long is good enough for a stay, I mean ;-; personally i'd love a month but I have a feeling i'd need €3,000,4,000 easily for a stay like that. I might talk to friends that have been there!

I'm having so much fun trawling through sites to see what looks fun, I mean, i'm going to get to Kyoto most definitely, if I can manage, Nara as well. I'm going to start off in Tokyo I think, to Narita airport. I'm such a nerd I want to go see things like Saiho-ji Moss temple , which you have to write to in advance etc. I'm gonna try stay in Ryokan, and for a couple of nights in Kyoto stay in an inn, so I can get a traditional-ish experience. BD i'mma go to onsen too, I hate my bodeh but idc, i'll go to one!

I want to go to a bar as well and drink saké, which will be fooking amazing! I'm gonna go alone because to be fair, i'd prefer it that way I think, I mean, its like an uber personal thing to me! :>

i'll be a terrible person and stalk high schoolers for people like me and Ris/just ask adorable people for their pictures! :> I wanna see can I get salary men to come for drinks, and ... D:< against my better judgement, go yakuza spotting :<

I'll pick up present-o's for my close friends that I wub :> for I will go to visit Akihabara for this, because people are loved!
Yayogi park while i'm in Tokyo is a must, but personally I don't feel the need to stay in Tokyo forever, despite loving anime, I do love Japanese culture a lot! :<

I mean, in the Ryokan it'll be amazing, I can have traditional food, sleep on tatami mats D: I will adore it.

Plus I have a year to improve my Japanese, to more than, 'chizubagu onegai shimasu', 'Toi re wa doku desu ka?' 'Kore wa Tanaka san', 'shitsurei desu ka, o namae wa nan doku desu ka' D:< SEE HOW POOP THAT IS, ITS EVEN WORSE WITH MY ACCENT. I've talked with a lovely Japanese man before, Hiroshi san :< he could barely understand my Japanese when I spoke it in my accent D: it was like ARGGGGH ಠ益ಠ

so i'll work on enunciating it better etc. BD plus i'd be up for a Japanese romance D:< how sad am I, but Japanese people are adorable and cute ;0; <3 plus it could be Gackt :>

Plus Japan will be adorable with the snow and stuff UWAAAAAAAA, I really love snow so i'll love that time of year, I mean, I majorly dig winter bb! And I can buy lots of new coats and stuff for it! eeeee ;w;

;-; /kindofendofexcitement

an update
fuuuuuuuu, i'm watching the eurovision, I absolutely love Greece's entry, I know not everyone does, but I love a catchy tune and this one really was! I actually downloaded it when I heard it :> pfffft~ the dancers were pretty too D:< ONE HAD A HOOD, IT REMINDED ME OF EZIO!

:< everything is suprisingly good for me, since I cut a dick out of my life :> its been quite pleasant, unfortunately a few of my friends are friends with her D: so I am stuck with her a lil bit still >>; it can't be helped :T

;-; I get to go to LANDAN IN JOON <3 and Amecon in August, then nom con in August, then alcon in september BD but the grand cosplay ball i'm majorly looking forward to... I have no idea why! :< and just hanging with people in general.

I miss a few people so damn much, I want to hang with them soon <3 because, tbf, they are fucking amazing!




tonight made me appreciate you awesome people
I know it sounds corny, but you guys are fucking awesome and i'm glad I know you :>

someone tried to tell me i'm a shit person, blah blah blah :> and have tried to troll me, well :> they're 1000 years too early

They're lower than dirt, and have less uses, I have no idea why someone like them exists, they're a useless, pointless sack of meat :>

help me
my taste in men is completely gone

ask Ris

help me please

*shoots self*

jesus motherfucking christ
B| I know all that I do is whine about my family, we had a p amazing time at the wedding after party. I mean the people I annoyed on msn know this :/

I was even uber cool and got my nerd fix by going to see iron man 2 at the cinema before I went to it, it was p freakin' sweet, I mean BD I got my bara fix in the form of Ivan BD and my RDJ fix thanks to robot rock BD and dancing iron man fufufu!
Rhodey was so fooking cool!

also to anyone that gets it BD 'ZAT IS NOT MY BOIRD'

Then at the wedding I had lots of drinks like a few malibus and lime, a jaeger bomb minus... the bomb :/ there were no shot glasses so I just had jaeger in redbull, then some mickey finns shot mixed with a goldschlager shot, and some other drink BD but yeah, cool night was cool. Me and my bros gf even made the arch for the bridge and groom.

All was going fucking amazingly, till at like 4am my sister got home with her bf, her bf is pretty much an all round cool guy, he knows about anime and stuff, he used to watch it when he was younger, and knows about hentai and stuff BD

but anyway, my sister is a major fucking cunt when she's drank, so basically me, and my mum have been doing damage control all night, where I had to hold my sister back from hitting/punching her bf, which was fucking RETARDED. :/ i've been punched in the face by my older sister (my jaw hurts like a bitch), she tried screaming for my dad who has work at 6am, she was yelling over dogs, and the fact that she keeps accusing her bf of cheating on her, he hasn't literally we know he hasn't but idk thats besides the point. :/ she grabbed my hair too D: tonnes of my hair has come out now (and I fucking obsess over my hair) and I have the shakes now, she also knocked a chair around (poor chair).

so I had to go wake my mum up, to get her to help damage control etc :/ I never realized my sister was such a mother fucking cunt tho shes telling the poor guy he can't see his kid as he's such a horrible person, i've only seen her fighting tonight.

FML :/

if anyones read this please comment and say nice things plz ;w;

I might go see Iron man 2 again to fucking make me feel better :/

;-; my sister apologized to everyone, que sera sera!

B| she just never needs to drink ever again :/

I have no clue :C
I have a stomach ache and I don't know why! :C all I had today was a sammich cuz I didn't get up till like 6 this evening and then went straight to the pool! ;-;

I also miss people a tonne! ;^; I need to get over to England to see you gaiz k! Before Amecon as well!

Also my hay fever is striking early this year! Its so fricking annoying!

I've taken up swimming~ swimming is awesome! I never knew our local pool got so pimped out, theres a sauna/steamroom/jaccuzi :B it is AMAZING! Swimmings so good tho, I feel so tired after it but the good kind of tired, like i've accomplished something! And I get a French lemonade after it /isababy

Also I have Hachiko on dvd, i've been wanting to see it for ages, it looked so cute in the ads! /bawww!

Also all the single people bawwww with me plz, k! ;^;

I can't stop listening to Guardian Angel ;-;

I do not like people who go to cons and do not participate and do not cosplay

I mean :/ am I just an ass, I haven't seen most of my friends in ireland in forever as i've been saving for english cons / cosplays etc and i've never whined, its just what I do yknow :/


the league of rage :B
I have a feeling somehow this will come back to bite me in the ass but idc and i'm venting rage :D

B| anime league
I find this site horribly annoying, i'm only even there for the gfx-ing, and cosplay sections, and a few people I <3 too much to leave :/

but some of the idiots on the site are clusterfucks :C I learned at kitacon that I didn't like a few peeps so much ;-; I some of the AL crew were cool, mark/dawn/shaun/orange etc amazing win

This is just my personal opinion, you go to cons to meet new peeps, make friends, hang out etc, but the AL peeps they were glued to each others sides, it was like .___. 'oshit theres animeleague, ok look busy' so they wouldn't come near you, or you'd have to talk to them .___. I know its a horrid thing to say but jesus! :C

Kudos to that room of art of freesaiyan :B durr hurr it made me lol so hard, and kanada and Ris know whyyyyyy~ :B hurr hurr hurr

.__. I also recall a 16 year old drinking a tonne of booze at the bar and was like =_= not a good idea people for even more obvious reasons!

Its just ;---; it'd be a good site, if say, you took away all the clusterfucks and what not and had a boss that listened to people!

;-; i'm kind of glad the noobs in question won't be at ame :B thank frick! :C


;___; I watched final destination after buying the latest one today asfnsdkjhfdhg OHJESUS

so much pointless, gory deaths! i'm already a cautious noob, but jfdhgfghfkgh even going in a plane will scare me because of this! ;-; WHY MAKE A MOVIE THAT IS THAT BAD BUT MAKES YOU THAT FREAKED OUT



and I wound up being confused in it aslfhsdlghfhgdfhg and fjsdghfhg *PURE RAGE*

also even the ads on that damn dvd scared me ;-; why an ad for an alien movie, why are my fears so fucking outrageous ;-; WHYYYYY it was an ad about alien abductions and i'm lame and weird but that sort of thing = pure terror, and zombies and ghosts ;-; even the idea of them *shudder*

/end pitiful rant


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